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CocoCouture the latest in glamour & luxury. Contemporary designs created for the modern discerning bride.

CocoCouture for You. Beautiful quality, exquisite fabrics, creative styling and all at affordable prices. CocoCouture styled for today and tomorrow, designed with You in mind. Our innovative team of designers have redefined bridal chic with an eye for detail and fashion trends.

With innovation at its heart, CocoCouture offers figure-enhancing elegance through intelligent use of beautiful corsetry or, should you prefer, a softer flowing look achieved by skilful use of fine fabrics. And should you wish to add to the elegance and chic, CocoCouture offers you the opportunity to customise your gown. Add that touch of individuality to make your gown truly unique: a longer train, extra sparkle, different fabrics or colour.

See CocoCouture and experience the cutting edge in style and quality exclusively at Mia Sposa!
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