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Exceptional service and a warm and fuss free environment, our teams of dedicated menswear consultants want to help you choose the perfect outfit for your wedding day.
Each Mia Sposa store has extensive stock in store to
enable you and your party to try your outfits on.
Our ranges are in the highest quality fabrics and
range from classic elegance to contemporary style.
What you see is what you get!

To compliment our menís formalwear collections
we offer exclusive waistcoat collections, fresh
and exciting accessories and a vast array of
ties and cravats to compliment your colour
scheme. These are available to purchase or

Not only do we offer remarkably light weight
hire wear, we also offer a collection of made
to order retail outfits perfect for weddings
abroad. These are super light weight and
come in an array of colours and styles.
Marisposa - Menswear
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